About Us

we get your issues
diagnosed and solved,

without going on-and-on about how complicated it is.

Second, we conduct a thorough review of your systems and
create a pro-active plan to avoid issues in the future

TEQ Guys specializes in helping businesses and schools integrate and maintain technology systems for a competitive advantage.

Your technology systems are a key part of your organization. Issues or performance problems can cause your organization to suffer. Our philosophy of proactive monitoring makes sure that your system is optimally configured and secure. Fixing problems once they’ve interrupted your system is far more time consuming and expensive than preventing them.  Our team identifies, isolates and corrects issues BEFORE they become a problem, keeping your systems and your business running efficiently.

We do respond quickly to emergencies, but we don’t stop there, we identify the cause and work to resolve issues permanently.


  • IT expertise at a level customized for your business
  • Create efficiencies through automating technology systems
  • Peace of mind around the clock monitoring of all your systems
  • Centralized control of all your users devices
  • Minimize downtime with pro-active processes
  • Reduce risks with technology planning
  • Local people you can trust to be open and transparent