Using Technology in the Classroom is a Top Concern.

The concern for school information-technology departments is how they can help faculty move smoothly into the digital age of learning.

The instructional integration of IT, user support, mobile computing, online education, and leveraging IT for student success are all service issues that support institutional goals and priorities. Another worry is the effectiveness of information-technology spending.

As classes move to online platforms, students and faculty members must adjust not only to using learning-management systems, but also to doing things like capturing video for online courses.

School Managed Support is a TEQ Guys Specialty.

Most schools agree they can't afford not to use data but Districts also cannot afford to let their students' data fall into the wrong hands.

TEQ Guys provide support in areas that include:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Learning Management Systems
Wireless Infrastructure
Online Testing design and support


The Ten Key Implementation Strategies For BYOD

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