How to Get Worry-free IT

For any organization that wants to avoid trial-and-error when replacing, upgrading, and maintaining IT systems.

The ‘Break/Fix’ approach to IT support
is exactly what common sense tells
you it is: Wrong!

Worry-free IT using new proactive solutions for outsourcing and maintenance functions

With today’s technology transformations led by pervasive mobile devices, cloud computing, and a new waves of software, we believe a “if it’s broke we can fix it” is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

TEQ Guys offers a welcomed new approach to IT Outsourcing for schools and small businesses that are based on proactivity.

Rather than boasting about how fast we respond when their systems goes down or something breaks, our clients enjoy long-term system security, peace of mind control, scheduled upgrades required to improve the flow of relevant data, and improved user experience.

No need for “Free Evaluations”.

TEQ Guys doesn’t waste your time with pretenses of “free evaluations” that are little more than sales pitches. Our straightforward approach is to first discuss the two or three problems you’re trying to solve, and if we know our core competencies are a good fit for you, we’ll provide the information and options you’ll need.

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We guarantee it’ll be worth your time.

Would it make sense for you to share the two or three core problems you're trying to solve, so we can figure out what information to give you?

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